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"The truth stems from the observation of nature. Encouraged by an intuitive understanding of the world, of a nature in a constant, perpetual state of becoming and disintegration, I create unique and variable works, capturing a fragile and ephemeral present: imaginary scenes imbued with realism. Emphasizing the discreet or hidden, the indecisive and the intimate, is for me directly correlated to the idea that the greatness of everything lies more in its details than in its entirety. I try to express a particular type of natural beauty, without sophistication, composed of incompleteness, impermanence, and imperfection."

Having grown up in a family where art is omnipresent, Véronique Almarine has always painted and drawn.

A former lawyer at the Paris Bar, she moved to Touraine for a less urban and more serene life. In full alignment with this approach, she gradually decided to make her passion her main activity.

Driven by an artistic expression full of enthusiasm and curiosity, she has varied the media, techniques, and supports: from comic strips to children's illustrations, from hyperrealistic still lifes to watercolor, pastel, or oil, to today's achromatic landscapes in Chinese ink. The artist favors and advocates for "long creation time," a concept contrary to the frenetic pace of our current lifestyle and production. Each work requires two months of work.

"Soliciting sensory exploration, I choose soft lines and edges, oppositions and strong contrasts, where light plays an essential and constant role as an amplifier of emotions." Véronique Almarine opts for the exclusive use of natural materials, Chinese ink, and pure cotton of dense paper, to enhance the visual, immersive, and tactile perception of the naturalist landscapes she imagines.

The precise, multiple, and seemingly random touches evoke the magic of pointillism, where the theory of color juxtaposition has given way to that of contrast through the stroke or flat area of black ink, opposed solely to the white of the paper, without any added paint.

"The smaller the stroke, the more powerful and profound the effect will be.

The shifting, dark, and earthy tones of Chinese ink help me humbly translate an unpredictable and untamable nature. It is a fascinating medium, with a permanent imprint yet very modifiable and generous if one knows how to accompany and listen to it. Like the attention and respect we should stubbornly offer our planet so that it can welcome us with lasting generosity."

A message and concern at the heart of Véronique Almarine's artistic approach, who hopes, through her sensitive and ephemeral landscapes, to raise awareness of the urgency of preserving our primary and essential heritage.

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